About the Northern Lights Radio Society...

     Over the years several local and regional radio organizations have become especially connected to the August UHF Contest.  Certainly one the highest-profile groups has been the Northern Lights Radio Society, based in Minnesota's Twin Cities.  The group sponsors Rovermania,  a special operating event for rovers that is held during the August UHF contest each year.  Another is a special award for limited (three-band) rovers.  In 2016 NLRS will again sponsor Rovermania and present the limited rover award, which is open to everyone in the contest, not just NLRS members.

Here's what Jon Platt, W0ZQ, sent along about the limited rover award:

Here is the link to the NLRS Limited Rover Award page.   Note that it's the national top rover score using three bands.   I scan the posted R, RL, and RU to find that.


From that page, there is a sub page at the bottom that lists previous year winners.  Our Aurora conference is next month where we will be announcing the 2015 winners.   Here is the list:

NLRS Limited Rover Award Winners

Year      First Place               Second Place

2007  WB8BZK/R  CDE  27,489    K9JK/R    CDE  21,294
2008  N9TTX/R   CDE  30,450    WB8BZK/R  CDE  23,421
2009  WB8BZK/R  CDE  20,826    WA0VPJ/R  CDE  17,931
2010  K9JK/R    CDE  20,424    WB8BZK/R  CDE  18,480
2011  K9JK/R    CDE  10,800    WB8BZK/R  CDE   7,134
2012  K9JK/R    CDE   5,451    WW7D/R    CDE   5,136 
2013  K0PG/R    D9E   7,176    K9ILT/R   D9E   6,798
2014  WB0LJC/R  DFI   1,518    W4PH/R    CD    1,248

73, Jon